Client events & monthly workshops

Workshops are available to active Project HIRED clients only.

Current clients: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic workshops will be held remotely.


This workshop is our starting point to help you focus on your career choice and job search. You'll build confidence and prepare for your job search journey. Identify your core values, talents, and skills and learn how they affect your personal life and your career transition.  Learn how to create a SMART goal and how to integrate them into your job search. NOTE: Ask your career counselor to review your assessment results with you!


Building on the previous workshop, this class will provide you with the tools and resources needed to gather key information about local career and job opportunities. You'll learn tools and resources to identify and gather key information about career and job opportunities that best fit your skills, interests, values and needs, including executing successfull informational interviews


Leave this class with the tools to create outstanding resumes as well as your starting template. You'll learn about the different types of resumes and determine what will best suit your job search. Additionally, you'll learn about situation, action, result statements and how to craft meaningful cover letters. 
NOTE: Meet with your career counselor to complete your resumes & cover letters!


Learn about a variety of networking opportunities and find out how networking can increase your access to the job market and improve your employment prospects. You’ll create your elevator speech so you are always ready to introduce yourself. 
NOTE: Watch for Project HIRED Speaker Events where you will have an opportunity to practice the skills you will learn.


Learn about the various different types of interviews you'll be attending and questions that will be asked. Establish effective interviewing techniques, learn how to prepare for interviews and how to present your accomplishments. Additionally, you will gain and understanding of the significance that ATTITUDE plays in the interviewing process!


You must attend the Understanding Interviewing class prior to taking this workshop. Make sure you are prepared for the important day of your interview. Polish your interviewing skills, practice answering commonly asked questions and receive feedback in a safe supported environment! Practice, practice, practice! 
NOTE: Meet with your career counselor to do a mock interview before you go to an interview.


This workshop explains your employment rights and protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Understand when and how to ask for an accommodation. Ensure you have the best opportunity to perform well on the job.


This workshop will help you to understand the process after a job offer, which includes having realistic salary expectations and understanding your earnings potential. When the time comes for a change in career be prepared.


Set yourself up for success and be professional at your next adventure. You worked hard to get the job so keep the momentum going. Learn about emotional intelligence and how knowing your own emotional intelligence can help improve your job success. Learn to communicate effectively with your managers and peers.

NOTE: Stay in touch with Project HIRED we can support you through your transition to your new job and accommodation requests as they come up.


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