Meet Suzanne

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Let us introduce you to the incredible Suzanne, a former colonel, or the second highest ranking for officials, in the Department of the Army. She was initially offered an intern position there as a computer specialist, and while she was working she was rapidly promoted to many ranks.

Barnes also worked for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon, therefore working with President Reagan about various issues like funding for programs in the Pentagon. She had a 23-year career with the Department of Defense, but went back to the army when she was offered another position as a GS-15. After her boss retired, she went to lead the largest project management in the army, traveling around the world while carrying out her duties.

However, she suffered from a stroke at 1990 and was unable to perform all of her tasks, as she had various balance issues. Because of this, she was fired and had to look at other options. Due to her recent unemployment, she enlisted the help of a community organization, where she took a very intensive project management course that helped her review and refine her skills with various IT methodologies.


After she graduated in March, she was told about Project HIRED, a program that works with people specifically like her. Her employment specialist, Mario, sought out great opportunities for her while coaching her on interviewing and rewriting her resume. Currently she is still waiting for job offers, but she’s thankful for the classes offered here, specifically job retention and ADA laws, and thinks there should be more of them! In the meanwhile Barnes loves to sew, cook, read, camp, travel, and garden, and is optimistic about her future job prospects because of Project HIRED.

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