I am Kari

I lost my eyesight at the age of fourteen months old. I was in the process of being adopted and my new mother thought I didn’t like her because I cried every time she came near me. One day her frustration got the best of her and she shook me. While she was shaking me she bumped my head and caused fluid to build up on my brain. I didn’t receive medical attention for ten days.

Over the years I have done work as a receptionist and a customer service agent. At a very young age I understood that talking on the phone was wonderful. In high school I earned extra credit to answer phones. From there I was hooked. I found it much easier to find work in my late teens and twenties. I would usually stay with one job for a long time. I stayed seven years on my last permanent job and left it in 2007.

I am clear that my purpose in this life is to find and create resources that keep children safe.

But the job I want now is to be a customer service agent. Project HIRED is helping me with that. My ultimate goal is to share my story of inspiration to an international audience and find partners that will go above and beyond to make sure no child ever has the abusive experiences that I did.

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