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Updated: Feb 21, 2019

I have had a lifelong dream, which, for thirty years, has brought me many trials and tribulations. It was a challenge to turn this dream into reality.

It required intense self-education, wisdom and knowledge, and a sacrifice of social freedom to develop and create a concrete example of how this dream can mature into a reality.

I am a veteran, wanting to make my mark on the workforce. Applying for services at Project HIRED was the first step to finding and achieving my dream job. In January of 2015, I joined Project HIRED’s AbilityOne program, which is a job placement program for people with disabilities, and was assigned to my Employment Specialist, Mario. While working with Mario, he identified a great job opportunity for me through Project HIRED at the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs call center which I was happy to apply for.

The interview and onboarding process was long, but well worth it. While I was waiting for clearance, I utilized the time to hone my skills through the many workshops provided by

Project HIRED, including a Guest Speaker Series led by industry professionals who gave great job search advice. I am happy to say that I am now an official telephone switchboard operator for the Palo Alto VA.   

Recently, I participated in a workshop that was offered at Project HIRED that taught me the proper way to write an effective cover letter and resume. They also offered a workshop that encourages you to explore your career goals. Through this workshop, I was able to identify what I am capable of, which will undoubtedly open doors to more dream jobs that match my passion.

I am proud to be who I am, and even prouder that Project HIRED gave me the opportunity to come into my own.

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