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Project HIRED is a free, all-inclusive employment services agency, offering advocacy and empowerment programs to individuals with disabilities. Our clients face formidable barriers, and we help them achieve job security and long-term success through job search, training and placement services. Embodying the region’s innovative energy, Project HIRED continues to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and has delivered expert services since our founding. 

One in five Americans has a disability, and only 18% of this population is participating in the workforce.


People with disabilities are twice as likely to live below the poverty line.

Project HIRED is working to change these statistics within our community and to create an inclusive workforce where all can thrive. Through outreach and education, Project HIRED promotes the message that the benefits of hiring people with disabilities includes an increased hiring pool, higher employee retention, tax and productivity benefits, and increased staff morale.


Project HIRED has developed comprehensive programs to assist individuals including veterans with disabilities to gain and sustain employment. Annually, Project HIRED’s combined programs serve over 100 individuals with disabilities, aged 18 and over, throughout California.


People with disabilities placed into sustainable employment


Job seekers enrolled in life changing services annually