Teresa B.

Meet Teresa.

Born in Portland, Oregon and raised in the Saratoga area, Teresa is the mother of two daughters and three grandchildren, with whom she loves spending time with during her free time. Prior to coming to Project HIRED, Teresa worked in export and trade administration and as well as government contracts. Teresa also worked with international sales operations where she would receive purchase orders, produce feasibility with other departments, worked directly with internal and external customers, and made sure that everything was up to standard for shipping.

 However, due to medical complications, Teresa was unable to continue her work and was out of the workforce for some time. Between multiple surgeries and recovery, an employment gap began to accumulate on her resume. It was through a medical professional that Teresa found out about the services that Project HIRED offered.

While her job search was at first slow to start, eventually the ball started to roll when Teresa began work with Mario, her Employment Specialist. Mario assisted Teresa in scheduling sessions with Noël, Project HIRED’s HR Director to perfect her resume and cover letter, and to Lakshmi, our Lead Volunteer to conduct personalized job matching. Teresa additionally participated in the Networking and LinkedIn workshops and took the time to polish her already impressive interviewing skills and further develop her resume.

As Teresa works to complete Project HIRED’s 9-step Client Services program, she dedicates her time to her family and volunteering at different institutions; her church where she works closely with the elderly community putting on various events and the local school where she acts as a mentor to students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

 “During the whole process, it was more than just the concrete support,” said Teresa. “It was also emotional. I felt like I had my own set of cheerleaders.”